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Madoffs Among Us

Combat the scammers, con artists, and thieves who are plotting to steal your money

Scam artists and frauds steal over $100 billion from Americans each year. In the financial services industry alone, 52,000 advisors were disciplined for misconduct in 2016. If terminated, 44% are back working at another financial firm within one year.

How well do you know your advisor?

Bill is a sought-after guest speaker who can help your audience identify predatory advisors and avoid being taken by the next Bernie Madoff.


About The Author

William M. Francavilla is the former Director of Wealth Management for Legg Mason, Inc. and a Certified Financial Planner® with over 30 years experience in the financial services industry.

He has worked as an Investment Advisor, Professional Trainer to several Fortune 500 companies, and retired from Legg Mason as Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Wealth Management.  Read More >>>

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The reviews are in…

  • This is an easy to read and informative book that I recommend to investors and their advisors. While as Bill mentions, the overwhelming majority of investment professionals are honest, there are some dishonest people who will try to take advantage of investors. This book provides steps that all investors should utilize to ensure that they are working with an honest, caring and effective financial professional.

    Timothy Scheve CEO and President, Janney Montgomery Scott
  • This book is a wonderful read and highly informative. The author has done a great job of helping people keep those wayward and dangerous emotions in check when making financial decisions. There is a lot we don’t know about why people make bad decisions – but arming yourself with good information is certainly key to improving your odds of not doing something really stupid.

    Kathleen Hebbeler, Ph.D. Behavioral Research Psychologist
  • The Madoffs Among Us is an excellent book which will empower the reader to recruit and fully engage a financial consultant for maximum effect. It is replete with many insightful and humorous quotes from some famous people to illustrate important issues that we all encounter. I highly recommend this tract. You won’t be sorry you read it!

    Patrick J. Socci, Ph.D. Former Dean, Frank G. Zarb School of Business Hofstra University

Help your audience uncover the truth about America’s biggest financial scams and how to protect their hard-earned savings.

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