Financial Professionals

Financial Professionals

My 30 years experience as an advisor, branch manager, corporate executive and trainer has helped me to understand what clients want and need.

Financial Professionals

William M. Francavilla

A sought-after speaker and author who can help your advisors enhance positive client-advisor relationships.

It seems the financial services industry is besieged by litigants, enhanced regulation, state attorneys general, not to mention the Department of Labor and FINRA.

I’m betting that you’re like me…

You put your client’s interests first. You also put your advisor’s interests first. You want to grow your company’s assets under management and revenue, but you need to minimize the possibility, cost and embarrassment of rogue activities, whether intended or not.

My 30 years experience in financial services training and development helped me to understand what clients want and need – and how advisors can best assist.

I’ve asked a number of clients to reveal to my professional audiences what makes a good advisor, one deserving of referrals. (see video)

In my address to your advisors I will be very specific about the warnings I issue to clients in my writing and speaking about my book, The Madoffs Among Us.

I’ll also equip your advisors with conversations, activities and “the 3 minute difference” that greatly enhances the positive client-advisor relationship so integral to success and further growth.

I encourage you to fill out the Request for Engagement Form. My program will benefit you, your advisors, your company and most importantly, your clients.


Help your audience uncover the truth about America’s biggest financial scams and how to protect their hard-earned savings.

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